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Crossworld Opens in Cebu
A manning agency in Metro Manila opened an office in Cebu to bring more job vacancies to seafarers.
20-Year Old Manobo Wants to be a Ship Engineer
Now on his last year as a Marine Engineering student at Naval State University, Marlon Crobe, a 20-year old Manobo from the mountains of Biliran is a step closer towards his dream of joining the ranks of thousands of Pinoy seafarers.  
'No Shore Leave' Policy for Pinoy Seafarers
The Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) is implementing a 'no shore leave' policy for Filipino seafarers passing through Ebola-hit West African countries.  
How to Join the Philippine Navy?
The Philippine Navy is just one of the three main branches of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). Working and being part of it would surely make you a real patriot at heart and you would be so very proud. You can show this by enlisting in the Navy and serve the country.
Pinoy Seafarers Must Validate Exit Clearance
Based on Memorandum Circular 12-1211, The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), seafarers are required to validate their exit clearances at the Labor Assistance Center or LAC at the international airports.
Tips to Seafarers to Maintain their Healthy Living
Infections may spread easily through the captive environment onboard, while the seafarers'lifestyle can lead to lack of exercise, poor diet and vulnerability to sexually transmitted infections.
Good Nutrition for Seafarers
Many seafarers although they are less positive about the importance of nutrition to people's lives still they are explorable with food.
Pinoy Seafarers May Soon Enjoy Better Protection Under Maritime Labor Treaty
The Philippines supports better protection for seafarers after the government voted in favor of amendments to the Maritime Labor Convention of 2006 (MLC. 2006).
Create Account on Seaman Jobsite in 10 Easy Steps
Step-by-step process on how to create your free Seaman Jobsite account to be able to send online application to multiple manning agencies.
Basic Requirements for Seaman to Qualify for International Jobs
After accomplishing your marine course or degree and obtaining BST certificate, you have to secure certain documents for you to start sailing outside the country. Here is the list of statutory requirements for anyone wishing to work at sea whether it be on a large commercial tanker, super yacht, cruise liner or even wind farms.
Total of 58 articles
Displays 10/page
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