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Nor-Shipping Fun Run
June 01-05, 2015

Day of the Seafarer
June 25, 2015

Marine Engine Officers Examination (Written)
October 6-8, 2015



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Protecting your rights as a Seafarer - International MLC Survey
This survey aims to gather information from seafarers to imrpove the areas covered by  the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) for the protection of rights. 
Jobs for Filipino Seamen from Career Philippines Shipmanagement, Inc.
Filipino seamen looking for job opportunities in manning agencies may turn to Career Philippines Shipmanagement, Inc.
10 Non-Lethal Anti-Piracy Methods for Seafarers
Maritime piracy had costs billions in the global community and affected many lives of seafarers who had the encounter. That is why every vessel must have anti-piracy methods to use onboard to protect their ship and the seafarer crew.
10 Mistakes Seafarers Shouldn't Commit Onboard
Mistakes onboard can either make or break a seafarer's career. There are certain laws to be followed, and seafarers must avoid to commit these mistakes.
Work Onboard as a Cabin/Galley/General Utility
Browse on these latest job openings for Filipino seaman. 
Kudos to Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology!
Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology has given pride and honor by keeping the country in the International Maritime Organization ‘(IMO) White list.
10 Common Injuries Seafarer May Face Onboard
Seafarers may also face injuries while onboard, aside from the accidents. These injuries may be self-implicted because of negligence and improper wear of protective gear that seafarers should.
Filipino Seamen's Opportunity to Work Onboard with PhilWinner Marine Services Corporation
PHILWINNER MARINE SERVICES CORPORATION is searching for qualified Filipino seamen to work onboard their client's vessel.
13 Filipinos Among the Crew of Taiwanese Ship Missing in Atlantic Ocean
A Taiwanese fisshing vessel with 49 crew, including 13 Filipinos, is missing on the Atlantic ocean.
How a Seaman Can Handle Co-Workers Attitude
Seamen should learn how to handle their co-workers attitude while they're onboard. It will be difficult to continue work if a seaman had grudges or is annoyed towards his mate.  
Total of 104 articles
Displays 10/page
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